What Are the Basic Types of Multifamily Housing?


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Multifamily Housing
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As the CEO and founder of Veritas Investments, Yat-Pang Au has secured millions of dollars in equity capital from individual and institutional investors for real estate investments. Yat-Pang Au focuses these investments on prime multifamily properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Typically owned by an individual or a business entity, multifamily properties are designed to house multiple families within distinct units. Multifamily properties comprise several basic types of structures, including:

Apartment buildings, which usually incorporate a large number of individual units across multiple floors.

Condominiums. These structures are similar to apartment buildings, except that residents share ownership of the property through an association.

Townhouses. These properties are connected to one another, but take the appearance of detached units. Often, townhouses sit side by side, and each unit features more than one floor.

Duplexes, which are buildings divided into two units with their own entrances. Similarly, buildings can be divided into triplexes or quadplexes.

Mixed-use buildings. These properties are hybrid buildings that combine residential areas with commercial space.

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Utilizing Technology to Address Challenges and Provide Services


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San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association
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Award-winning executive, Yat-Pang Au is the founder and CEO of Veritas Investments, the largest owner of apartments and ground floor retail in San Francisco, California. Yat-Pang Au is a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), and served as chairman of the 2016 Silver SPUR Awards Luncheon. The nonprofit SPUR promotes good governance and planning in the San Francisco Bay Area.

During the 2017 Silver SPUR Awards luncheon, SPUR President Gabriel Metcalf gave a speech on how the Bay Area could lead the nation in facing its future real estate challenges in the wake of perhaps the biggest economic boom the area has experienced in the last century. Among the components of the model for improved living conditions is having high-speed transit as the backbone to link the region, with biking, traveling by foot, and ride sharing to take commuters the rest of the way.

To this end, Veritas Investments uses multiple technology-based solutions. It is the largest host in San Francisco of the on-demand car-sharing network, Zipcar, as well as for Scoots Networks’ scooter rentals, which enables electric scooters to be picked up and dropped off throughout the city. Beyond transportation, Veritas uses technology to provide other services for its residents, including on-demand, shared, and affordable services for dog walking, dry cleaning, and housekeeping, to name a few.